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1st. December 1999

Written: 1-Dec-99

Hi all:

Here comes the first of the all-new Moalboal Mailing List, keeping you up-to-date, wherever you are in the world, with what's going on in Moalboal. Please send me anything that you think others would be interested in - the more material I have, the more useful this list will be.

* The Weather

- Something very close to the heart of all of us here first, the weather. November has definitely lived up to its reputation of being unreliable, with wet, overcast days followed by lovely calm sunny ones. At least we don't have to let the washing pile up too high before it gets done! The dry season doesn't appear to have arrived yet though the north-east monsoon winds are blowing steadily now which will bring drier weather . . . eventually!

* Activities

A few things to mention for the next couple of months:

- Savedra - Great White open a new beach resort in January: The Great White Beach Resort. Some accommodation is available already. This is a small resort (4 rooms), quiet, on the sea-front, spacious veranda, private entry to the sea, playing area for kids, sunbathing area, 40 m from their dive center. Room rate aircon is $ 40, room rate fan room is $ 25. Discounts until December 23 available. Contact Savedra-Great White: tel +63 (0)32 474 0014 or e-mail: abeth [at]

- Cakes & Connections have just had their telephone installed at long long last. We can now offer public web access for whatever you are looking for, including the web-based e-mail. The telephone number is +63 (0)32 474 0087. Opening hours are 10.30h until 18.30h. Regula will also take orders for special cakes now, though the cafe will not be open for another week or so.

- Neptune Diving will be running two safaris next year, leaving Moalboal on 10-Jan-00 and on 19-Mar-00. The safaris will each be five days long and will cover the Southern Visayas, cost is normally US$90 per day all inclusive. Contact Neptune direct and tell them you're booking from this newsletter and you will receive a 10% discount. Check their web page for full details:

- Neptune Diving will be running an IDC in Moalboal starting on 26-Feb-00 to immediately preceed the PADI IE in March. Contact Neptune as above for details.

- Look out for the Action Truck on the Beach, Jochen's new transport is getting ever closer to completion . . . .

* Births, social etc. . . .

- Naning, the secretary of Savedra II is pregnant. Congratulations.

- Diggi (ex-Moalboal instructor now working on Alona Beach) has just had a baby boy - well, his girlfriend has actually! - congratulations to all three.

- Robert and Eva Sloboda in Japan just added a baby girl, Alina, to the family. Eva says that Alina will definitely be a diver and they can't wait to come back to Moalboal to introduce her to the sea!

- The football games every Monday and Friday in Moalboal have gone really well in the last couple of weeks, though it has been very muddy. There were 15 players last week and a great time was had by all. Meet at Planet Action at 16.00h to go up to Moalboal to play or support.

* Info

- Andy Gray passed on a message from PADI that their on-line renewal system for 2000 will not be active until 19-Dec-99 and that the deadline for early renewal discount has been extended until 31-Jan-00. Thanks Andy.

* Web Stuff

- Quo Vadis will put their web site ( on line "soon". Please let me know when that happens fellas so that I can keep the Moalboal site updated.

- Whispering Palms Beach Resort in Tongo Point has their web site up and are taking bookings now. The site is still primitive but will be improved greatly in the next week. Better have a look next week rather than this!

- I've added a golf-orientated resort in Badian to our Links page

Have a look if you're a player.

* General

If anyone has any information that they think would be interesting for people on this list, please do let me know and I will add it in.

You may check the list web site - - to have a look at the message archives for this list or to subscribe and unsubscribe from this list.

You will find some of this information repeated on the "What's New" page of the Moalboal web site. I try to update this page every week or so rather than the every four weeks of this list, so keep an eye on the page. You can mark it with web-monitoring software which will mail you when the page changes. We don't have any adverts on our site so if it changes, it's because information on or the layout of the page(s) have been changed, not because an advert has changed!

Best regards,

Simon Wright.