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Our Moalboal visit last year.

My 14-year-old son and I spent five days in Moalboal last year. We both had a great time and plan to visit again next month. He got his Jr. PADI open water at Nelson’s from a great PADI instructor named Mark Harman. Mark, please email me as we want to see ya again!

We stayed at Eve’s, good quality food at very fair prices. Simple air-con room was ~800 Peso last year. They have a nice clean swimming pool that we used every day. Nelson’s dive center was next door. A PADI dive center, very well ran with a cute receptionist who doesn’t have a clue other than typing into her cell phone.

The beach-dive area has a number of small bars, hotels and restaurants with a few sari sari’s mixed in. Had some postcard and T-shirt sales people running around but not a real pest.
Several inexpensive eating places along the beach with nice water view and cooling sea breeze. The whole time we visited the wind off the water kept the temp reasonable.
Night-life was very interesting, this is only along the beach area as far as I know. We found that we were the only Americans there at that time so it was fun meeting folk’s from other places. The beach area is quite small. You can walk from end to end in less than five minutes. How it worked during my trip is that many of the foreigners will walk from bar to bar during the night. Have a drink or two then walk onto the next bar.

The Germans bar hoped as a tight group, it was kind of strange until I came to understand they had a plan. Later that evening it got very drunk for our German friends, their plan was that as a close group they all held each other up! But very late that night more than one would fall down at one time and it all started to spin out of control. I think they had a great time I don’t know who was laughing harder them or us. I salute them, as there was no way I could go diving the next day after what they drank.

The best show was the three transvestites that were at the beach one night. Two of em kind of looked like lady’s, and one was a local guy/gal who had lived the past 15 years in NZ. He was the local dance instructor and did not like the other two out of town “bad girls” as he called them. He sat with me for quite a while along with a few of the local Ex-pats. One of the "bad girls" had magnificent silicon jobs, and this was to cause problems for a very drunken Italian guy later that night. The dance instructor was giving dance lessens to some of the local gals, "real gals". the other two sat at the bar looking for a victim. I felt it was my duty to stir things up a bit so I had the bar keep buy them drinks each time another group of guys came into the bar. But she had to tell them it was from a shy admirer or what-not. As they got drunker and more desperate to find this rich admirer each guy who came into the bar got a very interesting greeting. Later that night our Italian friend came in quite drunk wanting to dance. Well now Miss big was very willing to help him out. One thing led to another and we were thinking it must be true love. To give the guy credit he was a great dancer but had trouble walking back to the barstool, however Miss big was able to hold him up. Not much later they both stumbled away together into the night. This small drama kept us all speculating what would happen the next morning. Never saw ether of em again.

The Japanese are bussed in from Mactan each day. They march as a group through the beach area to a dive center each morning and then out again each evening. I did meet one very nice Japanese lady left on the beach as her boyfriend spent the day diving but other than that the Japanese did not mix it up. Spent the day with my new friend.

The small town of Moalboal is a short 5-min tricycle ride away. We bought some fruit and snacks in town as well as visiting the obligatory Internet café full of schoolgirls looking for Mr. Right. The connections we got that week were around 1 bit per min. I took 5 min to get one email to load but had great air-con. Get to the café before school lets out or forget finding an open computer.

The Moalboal town market was fair sized and clean. We got quite a few looks, as the young gals were very interested in my son, he was 5’10 blond hair blue eyes. He was kind of shy. Next trip I’ll have to keep a close eye on him!

I very highly recommend visiting Moalboal it’s a great place to visit and dive.............Dan USA


[quote="Cebudiverdude"]My 14-year-old son and I spent five days in Moalboal last year. We both had a great time and plan to visit again next month. He got his Jr. PADI open water at Nelson’s from a great PADI instructor named Mark Harman. Mark, please email me as we want to see ya again! [/quote] Hi Dan, Glad that you had a good trip and thanks for the stories. Yes, Asia can be a little bit *different* from other places :-). If you want to get in touch with Mark, he's married to Nelson's daughter so anything c/o Ocean Safari will get to him eventually, even if he's not there when you go back. Regards and hope your next visit is as good as the last! Simon.

Yeah, Nelson's is quite good and is my diveshop of choice. Although the other, German owned shops are just as good technical-wise, they tend to stick by the book too much and its not a whole lot of fun diving with them (The Germans kinda treat diving like a military exercise rather than a fun sport- maybe its just a culture clash with me, but I didn't enjoy it too much). With Nelson's, they allow you to stay in the water longer even if your tank dips below 50 bars. I like the laid-back atmosphere and plus they bring all your equipment onto the boat too. :wink: