Moalboal, Philippines Information

This web site is no longer updated and exists only as a historical resource.
We would like this to be your starting point to explore Moalboal, the best diving in Cebu and arguably some of the most affordable quality diving in SE Asia.
If you are a scuba diver based in Asia, you probably don't need much of an introduction to Moalboal since we have been featured in regional diving magazines for years. For those of you from Europe, Australia or the US, perhaps we won't be quite so familiar. We want to change that and at the same time show you that there is a lot more to Moalboal than just diving. To dive right in, have a look at the links above.
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A reminder . . . .

If you know Moalboal or have visited before and have any updates, corrections, photographs or ideas for improvements, please contact me at info [at] I am very happy to include new material in the site. There are photo tours from 2000 and 2009 under the Photo Tours link so you can compare what it's like now with the past.