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Restaurants in Moalboal

There are even more places to eat in Moalboal than places to stay. All are open in the winter (high season) but you may find some closed or with reduced menus in the summer.

Almost all of the resorts have their own restaurants which are generally of good quality. However there are plenty of other places to eat so please we would suggest that you avoid any "all-inclusive" packages and experiment with some of the smaller places that are clustered on the north end of Panagsama Beach. Don't forget that there are also restaurants south of Pacita's - don't miss the Last Filling Station! - that will repay a visit as well.

I will list here (from the basketball court to the south) some of the smaller places that might not have web pages or e-mail but which are worth a visit. At the end are the resort restaurants that are especially worth a visit!

There are a string of snack bars/bars around the basketball court/car park
BB's Seafood Restaurant
Marina Restaurant - part of Cabana Resort; they have a pool table to aid your digestion and a nice view
Surface Interval - very small and friendly, relaxed local restaurant, frequently a BBQ stand outside
Silver Ray's - good selection of seafood and friendly staff
Sunset View - good location, reasonable prices, friendly staff
Lantaw Restaurant - fantastic location with a lovely view over the Strait looking at Pescador and Negros, great Asian food, friendly staff. Check what they have fresh and go with the recommendations!
Hot Stuff Restaurant - small and friendly, check for the daily specials
Little Corner - bit of everything, Filipino style, generous portions and tasty
Arista Restaurant - part of Quo Vadis Resort. Above average prices, though a varied menu with dishes that you won't find anywhere else in Moalboal; lovely setting
La Payag Bar - drinks and snacks, part of Quo Vadis Resort
Blue Abyss Beach Resort - used to be Mollie's Place, has been completely rebuilt and has a pleasant restaurant with clean and tidy rooms

There are also smaller places that come and go on a daily or weekly basis; try, you are unlikely to be disappointed. Well worth trying if you feel like a little snack are one of the BBQ stands that are scattered around and start cooking in the late afternoon. Chicken, pork, liver, maybe squid or something else straight off the glowing coals in a tangy marinade. Delicious!

Finally there are lots of places to eat in Moalboal town. The market is quite interesting and it would be worth combining a visit to the market with breakfast or lunch in a carendaria. If you especially enjoyed a place - or not - please leave a note here to inform your fellow travellers.